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A Happy Relationship With Animals

Kate's jacket was torn into bits and pieces. It all happened within a couple seconds. However before I will tell you about...

...The disasters at home.

Brian, who isn't Brian Adams loves to whistle and he calls that singing. His room is like an old farm with plenty of trees. Trees have nests but the birds came from Mars or some other planet. The still whistle but it's more like a referee whistle.

That's why his neighbor Kate, wanted to grab him from his throat and place him inside a cage. That was a bit impossible but she wanted a revenge.

Luckily she figured out a way to get rid of Brian songs and his disastrous melodies. She saw an advert on the newspaper to adopt a cat. Within a day Kate's new cat, which was not familiar with people got also used to Brains bird-like whistles.

Monday morning, revenge was to begin. As soon as Brian heard the bell ringing there was Kate and her new cat. She didn't bother give her a name. The cat's job was to do a revenge only.

Her cat ran inside his house, running like road runner. No one bothered say anything until suddenly the cat vanished and there was not a sound anymore.

Both Kate and Brian went to take a look. The cat's mouth was larger than normal. Oh no, where's my hero ... (Apparently Brian also adopted a pet. Guess what pet he adopted!) A BIRD.

Poor Brian, he was doing singing lessons with his bird. In fact the cat was lying down on the musical pieces. (maybe she wanted to vomit the bird - I don't know) The cat lunch was not corn flakes or some cat food - quite different.

You see, your stupid cat, Brian told Kate whilst looking at the cat. Kate replied: the bird was anyways sick of your songs or whistles. Why bother?

The cat was still hungry though. She didn't felt right. Her stomach wasn't used to birds or feathers. Brian was desperately tired, his songs where damaged. His bird was gone.

Man think fast.

Brian wanted to eat the cat at all costs. (yes, he is stupid). The cat preferred to sit down and relax. Brian made a decision to eat the cat or try to bite her. Well, the cat quickly jumped and a 1500meters race began all over the house.

The cat wanted shelter so badly that she jumped on Kate and they fell on the ground. What a mess... Both Kate and the cat ran quickly outside of his house.

Very strange ending. This shows proof that sometimes man act like animals and vice versa. Kate was so please with her cat. Indeed the cat become her best friend after that HUG inside Brian's house.

They went for a competition for the best cat and won a sum of money. Next they changed house and they lived happily ever after. Brian was going to end in a zoo cause people phoned rescue cause they taught there was sick birds in the house.

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