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Enough IS Enough

This blog is not for YOU, so if you are reading this please close instantly. Now, hope you know I am not serious here :) This is suppose to be funny no?

If you’re been searching online using Google or whatever for any length of time, you probably know that it IS very time consuming and boring. I hate it!

I mean, let’s face it… with about 250 million websites out there no matter how big the number of funny websites, it won’t matter if you have more free time than anyone else in the world…

... None of this stuff means squat if you get bored researching!

Unless you find a blog or website jam packed with everything, then all the time you spent on will be totally, completely and utterly WASTED!

If you are here to laugh - I will do whatever I can so you lol (laugh out laud) or ROFLOL (Roll on the floor laughing out loud)

Enough IS Enough

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